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This is the name used to describe the process by which we get in touch with Arch Angel Michael and relieves your body of negative energy from head to toe!


Let Go of the Negative Energy

Have you ever woken up one morning and you have negative thoughts going on in your mind?  Sometimes you hear an inner voice telling you to do some things which may not seem right?  These are feelings that occur to many people.  They come as a result of some negative energy that moves in the mind.  You may have tried several options to let it go but it just doesn’t work.  Let Archangel Michael vacuum it out.

Who is this?  Archangel Michael can be referred to as an angel “who is like God”. He has the powers to vacuum out the negative energy in your body.  To avoid getting into issues related to these kinds of thoughts, do not let them go on in you; say NO.  If it happens and you can’t just get a way out; remember to call upon the angel and you will succeed.

Sometimes you interact with people from different backgrounds with different behaviors and all of a sudden you just feel you are not safe.  He is always available and ever willing to help; all you need to do is to remember to call him.  He will offer you protection.  If you feel something is not right the negative energy is hovering around your house or office, Archangel Michael has the powers in his hands, just let him know what is going on in you.  He will relieve you from all the feelings of fear and uneasiness.

Do you know how this works?  Everything takes place mentally.  You will never see the Archangel Michael himself talking to you, but you can see and feel what he does mentally.  Once you have called on him, you will feel him near you with a large vacuum tube.  Just imagine that he is right there putting the vacuum above your head; you can decide where to have it placed.  In your imagination, he is removing the negative energy from your head to all of your body moving towards the toe.  Let this go on until you feel that everything has left you.  Thereafter, the angel will refill the parts that were filled with negative thoughts with light.

Going through vacuuming is very interesting and you will feel relieved of the entire burden you had in your heart, mind and body.

Do you always feel weighed down with many negative thoughts?  It is your time to get your healing and protection.  Give Archangel Michael a chance in your life to take full control.  Do not hesitate to contact us to perform this ceremony for you, as it is one of our services.  Remember he is near and will never let you down.  Try this technique and see how powerful it is in helping you overcome negative thoughts.

Beware; there are spirits of dead people which linger around to get unsuspecting people to bring down.  Let Archangel Michael walk with you all the way so that you may be protected from such spirits.  Move on with your life normally; let the most power full angel watch over your life.