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Crossing Over

Let them Rest In Peace

Death is one thing that people fear talking about!!  Have you ever imagined yourself dead?  What can you do if you see death coming?  Am sure many will run away, but this is not realistic; one cannot run away from death.  Which is the saddest thing that has ever happened to you?  I remember the first time I lost a loved one; it was the worst time in my life!  Loss of a person you consider dear can make you so low.

There is something people experience after the deaths of relatives; I guess you have also gone through this if you have ever lost a relative – seeing them in your dreams, or sometimes feel as if the dead is just next to you.  What actually happens?  It is quite obvious that no one is ever willing to die so, in the event that a person dies, his or her spirit tends to hover around.  They still feel attached to the ones they loved.

In most cases, spirits of the dead tend to stay around due to the following reasons.  First, they feel their lives were cut short and they left some things undone.  For this reason, they will not cross over.  The second group may not cross over because they feel the ones they left behind are not in safe arms and so they want to stay around and offer protection.  In addition to these factors, one’s spirit may not cross over because they are not even aware that they have died.

What then should one do to ensure complete cross over after death?  There are quite a number of things you as an individual can do to a loved one in the event that he or she is in the process of dying.  When you notice that one is dying, you can sing a song that helps the person to accept death; for example a song with words like “there is joy in heaven”.  This will make him or her die peacefully.

On the other hand, after the person’s death, avoid grieving for so long.  You can pray for strength to accept the death of a loved one and let him or her go.  Why?  When you grieve so much, his or her spirit will keep hovering around.  So the best thing you can do is to release them; tell their souls to rest in peace.

It is almost obvious that the angels are ever waiting in heaven to welcome the souls of the departed.  You can as well perform some rituals as a family to help in releasing the spirit of the dead so that they can easily cross over once they have been welcome in heaven.  Remember, you shall meet again one day because every one will pass through death.

One thing you need to keep in mind is the importance of helping one to cross over.  The longer you hold on to the death of a loved one the longer his or her spirit will hover around and this can affect you negatively.  So just accept and let go!  We are here to help you perform this mission,…..to help your loved ones cross over.