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Cord Cutting

In this session, Arch Angel Michael assists the medium to sever the cords attached from your chakras to other people you have relationships with, that have been collecting bad energy from the mis-communications with the loved ones and other people in your life. Once this has been completed,, we call on Archangel Raphael to heal the wounds where the cords used to be;

302851_4893370580511_2034714732_n-modified-modifiedCutting the cords of emotional attachment


Cord cutting is a healing technique to remove a negative cord of attachment that has developed in any relationship. There are two types of cord connections in relationships with your loved ones, such as positive cords and negative cords.

In positive cord attachments, the person contains energies like unconditional love; good times and lesson learned together, fondness, affection , and good feelings. These are all good energies for true relationships.

When a negative cord attachment exists, cutting the cord of attachment, the energetic structure is very different from positive cord attachment.   You may be consumed by all negative energies about your relationships, such as feelings of paranoia, energies of inadequacy, or feelings of rage.  These negative energy attachments tend to destroy the relationship between you and the other person.  The cord cutting helps you to release the negative differences between you and helps you to see the positive differences that can establish a new positive relationship.

Cord cutting doesn’t mean that you lose your positive attachment within your relationships.  It means that you can improve your positive connection that is no longer overshadowed by negative energy. Some people do not realize that when you have relationships with other  people, your energetic system is connected to them with strong emotions and mental events, such as a traumatic or painful events.

The cord attaches to one or more heart chakras of both people. All emotions and thoughts that you had attached with that person will resonate by energy of a specific chakra.  It is very important to complete each relationship in the highest of ways and to remove any negative energetic cords that are attached between you and the other person. This is the only way your soul can close the chapter and be ready to move on to higher relationships.  But, if you don’t remove this energetic cord, the relationship frequency keeps your vibration low and more trouble or pain will re-appear in your life and will repeat with each relationship. The problem is that all the painful and traumatic experiences that you created in that relationship will then be carried in your mind and on to your next relationship.  In fact the frequency of those unresolved energy cords will attract you to people, places, times, things and events that resonate with the frequency of that abuse, anger, betrayal, heartbreak, pain and hurt.

In karmic relationships, often love-hate relationships are from past lifetimes which our soul brings back into our lives so that we can finally resolve and absolve the karma and move on.  It is very common for some of our worst enemies from past lives to actually incarnate into our own family or come back as future. So think about all your past relationships that have not been completed in the highest of ways and imagine if you could call up all of the karmic ties that were created from these past relationships and permanently remove all energetic attachments.  When you can love the other person and not expect anything back from them in return, and allow them to be who they are, you will have relationship that is truly whole, and not just trying to extract what they feel that they lack in themselves from the other person, and not trying to constantly change the other person.