What is an Angel Reading?

Angel readings are a unique opportunity to open the door to the spirit world. The experience can bring forth guardian angels, spirit guides and loved ones who are no longer with us, providing many ways to get the insight you need to improve various aspects of your life.

Angel card readings can yield different results for different people. Every one of us is surrounded by an aura that serves as a reflection of our souls. Brooke will help you tap into this energy to discover the answers to your most pressing questions. Find your purpose, delve deeper into your physical heath or uncover any deep rooted beliefs that might be stopping you from living a full, well-balanced life.

This session is done in person at Brooke’s office, over skype, or by telephone.  Your angels will deliver messages to Brooke, that you need to know now, and answer questions that you have.  Whether over the phone, skype, or in person, your angels will communicate with Brooke me as your energies connect, as there is no concept of distance for the angels.  These readings are personalized for you, and not just a random reading that you would receive on one of those free angel card reading sites.

What Can I Learn From An Angel Reading?

Much can be gathered about your life when you talk to angels. Higher realms will shed new light on your purpose and direction. Brooke will connect you to the spirit world to get a better image of your life lessons, attractions with soul mates or your individual calling. Whether you are interested in learning about love, finances, personal achievements, health, fertility, happiness or any other pressing matter, angel readings can provide the clarity you need to make good decisions and find inner peace.

Who are My Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides?

You have probably heard the word “angel” before, but do you truly know who or what the angels are? These holy beings are messengers of God. They deliver love and guidance from our maker to help us live a good life. Humans and angels are different species and in most cases, angels have never walked the Earth as a human. They can protect and heal us and often provide guidance when we seek it.

Spirit guides can also make appearances during angel readings. These beings are souls who agree to observe you during your time on the Earthly plane. They were once living humans who have chosen to guide you as you walk through this life. Many people are interested in learning about their spirit guides not only because of their vast wisdom, but because they may have been acquainted in a past life.

Do I Have to Be Physically Present at My Angel Reading?

It’s difficult for us to understand the limitless nature of the spirit world. Angel readings are not restricted to the same physical barriers that our living bodies are. Brooke is prepared to work with you through online angel readings so you get the same insight no matter where on the planet you are currently located.

Skype online readings are available, which allow Brooke to offer the same personalized touch without the need to travel. The session is approached the same way as it is during an in person angel reading, with voice and video options so a strong connection between you and Brooke is established. If you do not use Skype or prefer another method, phone angel readings are also available. No matter which approach you choose, your guardian angels will be there to help you find the answers you have been searching for.

What Do I Need To Do Before an Angel Reading?

Prepare a list of questions you would like to ask your guardian angels.  These inquiries can be related to anything. All aspects of life are fair game, from love, family, careers and health to your overall purpose. The information you need the most is what you will be given during the angel card reading.  Please remember that the messages you receive at your reading, are the messages your angels want you to know right now. You may leave your session confused about a message you received, but after a week or two, it may suddenly dawn on you why you received that message, as it may not have thought this message was relevant to you at the time, you will find the reason for your message as time passes.

Can I Get Regular Angel Card Readings?

Some people only get one or two angel readings in their lifetime while others choose to stay connected to the spirit world with regular readings. Depending on the level of need and complexity of your questions, more than one session may be beneficial. There are no rules regarding how long you must wait to schedule another offline or online reading. Whether you seek insight once a month or once a year, your guardian angels will be ready to assist you.

Who Will Help Me If I Am Not a Religious Person?

Guardian angels and spirit guides are here for everyone. Whether you attend church every Sunday or never go, you can talk to angels. Phone, in person or online readings will still yield the same results because these spiritual beings are universal and do not choose a denomination.

How Do I Schedule Angel Readings?

Please contact us at and we will be pleased to accommodate you.


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