Remove Curses

Improving Spiritual Health: Removing Spells, Curses and Evil Entities from Your Life

Your guardian angels can protect you from negative beings and curses. Every day people all over the world go through life facing unexplained adversity. Negative occurrences seem to come and go more often than they do for others. If this sounds like you, then it may be time for a spiritual cure. Whether you have been experiencing this type of negativity for a short time or most of your life, there could be something more bringing troubles to you.

Know the Signs 

There are a number of signs to look for when you suspect that a curse or dark entity could be toying with your spiritual wellbeing. Some victims only experience a few obvious signs while others can identify with many. Before writing off the possibility that something unseen could be harming you without your knowledge, ask yourself:

  • Do I Suffer From Nightmares?

Frequent vivid nightmares could be an indication that something evil is looming over you. These could feature any combination of dangerous, frightening or morbid imagery and can lead to the inability to sleep.

  • Do I Feel Drained and Fatigued?

A noticeable drop in energy levels can be a sign that you need to reach out to your guardian angels. Depleted energy may be caused by a curse or evil entity that is attempting to take over your life. This can also lead to depressive thoughts and feelings.

  • Do I Frequently Experience Health Problems?

When a normally robust person suddenly becomes ill, it could be coincidence or it could be something more. If your doctor is having trouble diagnosing your condition, that could be because it is not a physical manifestation. This can impact mental health as well.

  • Have I Encountered Numerous Legal Problems?

Legal problems are another way that evil can negatively impact your life. A curse or entity may be influencing incidents to put you in this stressful situation more often than is normal.

  • Why Can’t I Explain the Cause of My Physical Pain?

Along with health problems, curses and evil beings can also bring on unexplained physical pain. Does your body hurt for no apparent reason? Have physicians been unable to find a cause? Don’t suffer another day wondering what is wrong with you. A remote healing may be the best way to get relief.

  • Why Can’t I Maintain Positive, Healthy Relationships?

Some people seem to doom every relationship they are involved in.  This might not be because of the individual. It could be an indication of a curse or evil entity trying to keep that person from finding happiness and companionship.

What Can You Do About Curses, Spells and Evil Entities?

You never have to feel alone when negativity from curses, spells or evil entities enter your life. Contact Brooke to schedule an angel card reading. Let Brooke apply her unique talent to help you discover the cause and call upon your guardian angels for protection and cleansing. If necessary, Brooke can also provide healing and spell removal services so you can move on to a healthier, happier and more content life.


Each remote healing session, or session to remove evil, will last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.  We will stay with you until the healing process is finished, or the evil is gone.  You pay one price of only $120  for this session, whether it takes 30 minutes or 1 hour.  If your session lasts only 30 minutes, it will only be because we were able to complete that particular healing session, or entity removal sooner than later, which is the preferred outcome for all.  The session will last until the angels and masters have advised us they are finished.  In some cases, you may require more sessions, but only you will know, by the way you feel.

This process often takes more time, as evil entities are more difficult to remove, and require a lot more energy of the mediums.  Often, this session is delivered by 2 of us, as the energies of 2 mediums is sometimes required depending on the hold this negative energy has on you.  This procedure can cause the evil entity to jump onto the medium and extra care must be taken by the mediums to ensure our safety as well, so this does involve some risk on our part, in banishing the evil spirit or curse from you.