Remote Healing

Remote Healing with Brooke

Remote healing is available for those who cannot meet with Brooke in person. This is a popular alternative that offers more convenience with the same potent results. Many people write off this long distance option as less effective than an in person healing. It is important to consider the way the spirit world works before dismissing remote healing as a way to find relief in your life.

In the physical realm, we can only be in one place at a time and must physically move between locations. Depending on how far you must travel, the journey may be long and require many minutes, hours or days. Even with modern transportation advancements, covering miles still takes time and effort. The same is not true for your guardian angels.

Physical barriers do not exist in the spirit world. Ethereal beings can travel much more quickly, willing themselves from point A to point B whenever they need to. In fact neither time nor space applies to your guardian angels. They can be wherever they must be whenever you need them.

Remote Healing and Angel Card Readings on Skype

Brooke offers her unique services to clients online. Skype is a popular communication tool that anyone can download for free. This option includes a video conferencing feature that permits you and Brooke to see face to face during a session. Although visual contact is not required, it can help ease the minds of those concerned about the personalization of a healing or reading.

Remote Healing and Angel Card Readings by Phone

Not everyone is on the internet. For those who prefer more traditional communication methods, Brooke also offers phone readings and healings. She can help you receive the spiritual assistance you need by reading your vibrations over the phone and requesting the help of your guardian angels. Your connection to these protective beings is all that’s needed for Brooke to send them to you.

Your Personalized Remote Healing

Everyone should begin a remote healing with no preconceived notions. Each individual goes through the process in a different way. Some feel nothing and notice the effects later while others experience sensations they cannot explain during the session. All you need to begin a remote healing with Brooke is an open mind and faith in the abilities of your guardian angels! Schedule your session today to find the relief and comfort you desire to make life better for yourself and those around you.