Wouldn’t you wish to have a natural substance that could elevate your mood, relieve insomnia, purify water, and is all
completely natural? Great news, introducing Organite! Well it’s not so new; Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered it back in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Dr. Reich discovered organite by stacking layers of fiberglass and steel wool, which


would attract harmful negative energy. Orgone is used as a powerful spiritual

tool to increase areas of life including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Orgone products are described as Source energy and Universal Light Energy transmitters, which transform negative energy into positive energy. Holding or being near an orgone product will allow you to be free from negative energy and surrounded by positive energy that will lead you to personal healing and spiritual awakening. It would only be of your best interest to have one of these products with you throughout your day whether it is at home or at your work place. With their unique designs, they are a great addition to any environment and can truly lead to brightening your day.

You might be asking yourself, how can this work? Well it’s actually rather simple; orgone is layers of organic and inorganic matter together. Organic matter absorbs Life Energy while inorganic matter, which includes metals, absorbs and emits Life Energy in all directions. This is the first aspect of organite technology; the second involves crystals, which creates an electrical charge on the surface the same way that quartz crystals power watches. The third aspect is the spiritual aspect and component. Exertions of “Angelic Energies” are emitted leading to a happier feeling unifying all energies that are being emitted.

Organite pyramids are so useful they can be used to get a restful sleep by putting it on your bedside or under your bed, it helps eliminate nightmares and insomnia. Putting a pyramid at one’s work place creates a feeling of a small haven amidst the chaos and stressful environment. It can energize food, water, and supplements by putting a pyramid or charged ring or bracelet near the foods you are consuming. You can also relieve mental and physical stress by holding a pyramid, which will allow high frequency energy to move through your body removing all the negative energy. In addition, many healing practitioners place orgone pyramids under massage tables or on Chakras to clear blockages and activate them. Interestingly enough, the energy emitted from the pyramids can often be felt in many people as the energy moves through and cleans the body. Others just feel a sense of relief and peace that was not felt prior to.

The organite pyramids are not very big coming in at around 4 ½ inches wide and 3/14 inches tall. The organic matter in the pyramids is polyester resin which the inorganic matter can be combination of materials including brass, copper, and titanium. The crystals within the pyramid can be jade, pyrite, rose quarts, amethyst, and many others. Each pyramid is unique in its entirety and can really make a difference in your life. The levels of their positive energy expulsion vary amongst each pyramid, but all of them have a transforming effect.

In our world living in the hustle and bustle of life can really take a toll on one’s health and wellbeing. Even with a healthy diet and good exercise, there can still be negative energies surrounding your life. Incorporating a unique orgnanite pyramid can help ease your worries and mind by enlightening the atmosphere that you work in. If you’re ready to live in peace and harmony, try an organite pyramid or other product today. You will be more satisfied in your daily activities and your mood will be uplifted everyday.