Personalized Angel Readings and Healing

We are here to help you!  There are a variety of services available to you, at our location in Mississauga, Ontario, depending on your personal situation.  We are highly experienced, and have been helping and healing people for over 20 years.  Whether by personal appointment, skype, or telephone, many of these services can be done for you.  Here is a brief outline of some of the services we offer: Please see the main links above for a more detailed explanation of each service. flower divider

Your Angel Medium

Brooke Walton Will Talk to the Angels for You

My personal experience with the spirit world began long before I performed my first angel card readings. From a very young age, I possessed an amazing gift that blessed me with premonitions. I found myself having memorable dreams that would later come true.

Before realizing the full potential of my abilities, I would perform Taro card readings for friends and family members. I began to experience strange occurrences involving sessions that were uncannily accurate. My visions continued, convincing me that this was not a gift to be ignored.

At first, the realization scared me. I would try to push it away and rejected the reality of my situation for many years. The struggle was not easy, and the facts could not be denied. I came to know that I had a special talent that needed to be applied in a positive and beneficial way. After embracing my abilities, I began utilizing them to help others find the answers they have been searching for through angel card readings.

Today I tap into my talent to guide others along their life path. I connect my clients with guardian angels and spirit guides and provides energy-based advice that cannot be obtained through conventional methods. With my guidance, you can find ways to make positive changes and better decisions in your life just like many others already have.

A Connection with the Angels

I have observed the work of the angels firsthand. I believe strongly in their ability to supply answers, information, warnings and other wisdom that cannot be obtained through Earthly means. My gift is available to show you the way to a better life. Anyone can seek harmony and balance. I do not discriminate and neither do the angels. No matter what your background, religious preferences, beliefs or location, you can talk to angels through my personalized offline or online readings.

You Are Not Alone

Many people suffer through every day with a lack of direction and purpose. I understand how troubling these emotions can be. I can help you discover the answers so you can live more fully and find happiness and peace. Every angel reading is treated as a unique encounter so you get the care and compassion you need as you seek the wisdom of your spirit guides or guardian angels. There are angels among us, and there are people like me who can help you make a life changing connection that could lead to the balanced life you have been hoping for

Angel Card Readings

This is a meeting between you and me, where I ask your angels to show me what you need to know, and to answer your most important questions.

Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch is a form of energy medicine where it is considered to be one of the branches of alternative and complementary medicine.

The bodies of human being are composed and are surrounded by energies. The practitioners who perform and conduct Therapeutic touch are trained to become sensitive in handling the receiver’s energy even without touching an individual’s body. All the practitioners have to do is just place their hands on to an individual’s body or into a certain part of an individual’s body or even near to it.

With this process, the practitioners are able to detect, determine, and manipulate the energy field surrounding the body. With this kind of procedure, it is believed that Therapeutic Touch can cure all sorts and kinds of diseases and or illness.


This is the name used to describe the process by which we get in touch with Arch Angel Michael and relieves your body of negative energy from head to toe!

Briefly, I will call upon Archangel Michael to vacuum the negative energy out of body.  Archangel Michael will will be beside you with a vacuum hose above your head.  Just imagine that he is right there putting the vacuum above your head; you can decide where to have it placed.  In your imagination, he is removing the negative energy from your head to all of your body moving towards the toe.  This continues until Archangel Michael has finished and the negative energy has left you. Thereafter, the angel will refill the parts that were filled with negative thoughts with light.

Going through vacuuming is very interesting and you will feel relieved of the entire burden you had in your heart, mind and body.

Cord Cutting

In this session, Archangel Michael assists the medium to sever the cords attached from  your chakras to other people you have relationships with, that have been collecting bad energy from the mis-communications with the loved ones and other people in your life. Once this is done, Archangel Raphael heals the wounds;

Cord cutting doesn’t mean that you lose your positive attachment within your relationships.  It means that you can improve your positive connection that is no longer overshadowed by negative energy. Some people do not realize that when you have relationships with other  people, your energetic system is connected to them with strong emotions and mental events, such as a traumatic or painful events.

Crossing Over

Help deceased loved ones cross over to the light. 

It is almost obvious that the angels are ever waiting in heaven to welcome the souls of the departed.  You can as well perform some rituals as a family to help in releasing the spirit of the dead so that they can easily cross over once they have been welcome in heaven.  Remember, you shall meet again one day because every one will pass through death.

One thing you need to keep in mind is the importance of helping one to cross over.  The longer you hold on to the death of a loved one the longer his or her spirit will hover around and this can affect you negatively.  So just accept and let go!  We are here to help you perform this mission,… help your loved ones cross over.


Remote Healing

This is a powerful healing modality, performed by an experienced natural healer; she uses remote viewing, channeling, reiki, rainbow healing, and angel healing modalities to tap into whatever is needed to help heal your condition;

Spell and Evil Entity Removal

If you feel or believe a spell has been cast on you, or you have an evil entity around you, or attached to you, we can remove it.  You will feel the difference at the end of the session, and you will know it is gone!